Why We Work

In mid-August, I became one of the four million and counting individuals who transitioned out of their job during a period described as the Great Resignation. This concept, first coined by professor Anthony C. Klotz, refers to the phenomenon in which people are re-evaluating their time to live in greater…

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Boredom recently prompted a semi-dramatic announcement to my hairstylist that I needed a new look. I attempted to describe my vision for a long bob, scouring my phone for photos when words failed me. His grand reveal diverged from my expectations and instead barely passed the nape of my neck–a…

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Lessons From “All About Love”

With incredible momentum right now around nurturing a more just and loving world, I recently found myself revisiting All About Love: New Visions by bell hooks. In All About Love, hooks explores how a desire for love has entangled with an obsession for power in the mainstream imagination. Its form…

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Decolonizing My Mind

After thirty-something hours, I was completely tapped out when my family finally landed in Greensboro, North Carolina. But as we rode down the highway to make the last leg to our destination, my tired eyes were met with an American flag at the roadside–the largest I’d ever seen–consuming the night’s…

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Words for My Mama

On the evening before Mother’s Day, I found my mind flashing back to two years ago. I had surprised my mom, who lives in North Carolina, with a mixed bouquet of roses and lilies. She found the second choice of flowers to be humorous, commenting that lilies are typically seen…

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Which Memories Are Mine?

Thu Oct 31, 2019 at 16:17 After writing my previous post, I sent a screenshot to my mom of my atypically public display of vulnerability on social media. More than an hour passed before my phone screen lit up again, at which point my anxiety concerning her response was already…

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